bible bugs


Welcome to the world of the Bible Bugs.....The Bible bugs are coming and there is no stopping them!  Come on an adventure with the bugs and find out how they use their Bible scriptures to help them out of everyday situations.  Each bug is unique and children of all ages can relate to one or more bug in one way or another.  No bug is perfect.  The bugs make mistakes and are just like "children" around the world.


Children will grow to love the Bible bugs through these adventure books.  The bugs will come to life and children will be able to collect each bug along with the adventure book.  There will be bugs everywhere reminding children the best way to react in certain situations. 


There is no better time than now for positive reinforcement, good ideas to live by and helpful information when questions arise.  Our children need guidance and the Bible bugs can give them the help they need.  If we can make a difference in one child's life, it is worth it, and chances are, we will make a difference in several!


Here come da bugs......